The Reason Why Uttar Pradesh Police Arrested 4 Donkeys Will Leave You Shocked

CM / Updated: 2017-11-28
17:03 IST

It is said that no one can escape the law. Cops in Uttar Pradesh’s Jalaun seem to take this homily very seriously, as exhibited when they arrested a herd of donkeys for allegedly destroying jail property.

On Monday, reports had said that the animals were detained at the Urai district jail complex for four days for eating expensive plants in the facility.


The eight donkeys were detained on November 24, following which the owners made frantic search for the animals. Someone informed the owner, identified as Kamlesh, about the donkeys having been detained by police.

The animals were held after their owner, Kamlesh, let them loose despite being warned that a senior officer was planning to plant some expensive plants, RK Mishra, the head constable at Urai jail, had told ANI. The plants were reportedly worth Rs 5 lakh.

“The animals not only ate plants, they ruined the entire garden and injured the children of the colony,” Jail Superintendent Sitaram Sharma told PTI. “We called the owners several times, and each time, they said the animals didn’t belong to them.”

Another jail official said that they had made “all arrangements” for the donkeys and had even fed them two times a day.

The donkeys were arrested on November 24, but when their owner Kamlesh went to Urai jail to seek their release, the police refused to free the felonious animals.

Kamlesh then approached a local politician for aid, who accompanied him to secure the release of the donkeys earlier today.

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