The Mystery Reason Behind Cristiano Ronalso’s Trademark Stance Before “Free-Kick” Revealed !!


Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese footballer does everything in style and his fans keep an eye on whatever he does. The manner in which Ronaldo stands before taking free-kicks is also a topic of discussion among his fans.

He stands feet wide apart at a distance of three paces from the ball and he is slightly positioned to the side. He takes a deep sigh with his lips pursed before running and he moves his shoulders up and down.

The reason behind Ronaldo’s stance before free-kicks has been revealed now and the person who has revealed it is Mike Phelan, the former assistant manager of Manchester United.

He told Daily Mail,

“People used to put the ball down, walk away, run up and hit it. He brought in a more dynamic showmanship. He places the ball down, the concentration level is high, he takes his certain amount of steps back so that his standing foot is in the perfect place to hit the ball in the sweet spot.”

He further said,

“When he pulls those shorts up and shows his thighs, he is saying ‘All eyes on me’ and this is going in. He understands the marketing side of it. The way he struts up and places it; the world is watching him.”

Portugal is out of the World Cup and the worst part is that this World Cup may have been the last World Cup of this champion footballer considering the fact that he is already 33 years old.

Source RVCJ


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