Quick Tips For All The Students Who Are Taking Up Their Board Examinations This Year


The Exam fever has
started..Let’s see what we can do about it!

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So from
today the 12th board exam commences and I’m sure along with that the anxiety
and panic attack starts too. Our poor students would be suffering for the next
one month, studying, by-hearting, breaking their heads, trying to mug, last
minute tuitions and above all finding the books first 😀 Acing the exams has
never been an easy task and this year will be no exception. From toppers to
paupers, the exam phobia starts againnnnnn!!
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Not only the
students, even their parents and siblings are gonna suffer a bit. It’s like a
second exam for them too. Managing a kid who sits for a board exam is going to
be more strenuous than you think!
Let’s come
to the funny part about exams. Cause, how much ever this is going to drain the
shit out of us, we can’t deny the fact that it’s going to be fun too! The last
minute preparations, screwing up answers are all too funny.
Last five minutes of exam…
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When you know nothing from the
question paper…

When the teacher is standing next to

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When none of your answer matches…
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and finally…the three types of
people you see in an exam!
Now on a
serious note, follow these tips to overcome the exam fever and take it up like
a boss B-)
  1. First set up
    your target. Make a timetable and schedule your study time.
  2. Take small
    breaks in between. Relax a bit, your mind and body.
  3. Follow a
    good diet and eat well on time. Drink loads of water.
  4. Go through
    sample and previous year question papers.
  5. Know to
    manage time.
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  7. Be confident
    and present your answers well.

Dealing with
the exam stress can be a piece of cake if you plan well ahead and execute it
accordingly. Don’t be over pressured thinking about how to pass the exam.
Rather, study well and do a sincere job in doing so, and you can definitely
score well easily!

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All the very
best to all of you who are taking up the 12th board exams from today. Rock it
and make sure to top the exams so we can make our next article on you quoting
‘Toppers of Chennai’ 🙂


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