“That CCTV Footage Was Staged” – Srimathi’s Mother !!

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8 months ago

On seeing the CCTV footage that surfaced on Wednesday showing a group of people, presumably the teachers and wardens, carrying Srimathi from the spot she allegedly fell, mother of the deceased that the whole video looks staged and questioned why they didn’t show the video on 13th of July itself, the day Srimathi died.

“My daughter died on 13th of July. Till today, there were 22 days in between. They could have showed this CCTV footage on 13th July itself. Showing the video now, proves that it was all a staged lie. They showed us a video on 13th July 3 : 30 PM thatlasted only one second” Selvi, mother of Srimathi said.


“If these are all true information, they could have showed me that day itself. In the video that released recently, they wouldn’t have showed how my daughter fell down. They have footage till 5 : 30 PM. If the camera worked till 5 : 30 PM, it must have worked throughout the night. Videos of how my daughter fell down and how she suffered must be shown” she demanded.

“The video should also contain who are all came to rescue my daughter as soon as she fell. They showed us a different place saying that it was were our daughter fell down, now, in the CCTV video, they are showing a completely different place. Every statement they make about my daughter’s demise from 13th July till today are contradictory” Srimathi’s mother worried in the interview she provide to Polimer.

Picture from Sakthi Matriculation school of Srimathi being ransacked by the public demanding justice for the student’s demise

The Mother also said that she didn’t know who are releasing those videos. Talking about the investigation of CIB CID, Selvi said that the officials came to her house and asked for their daughter’s notebook to verify the handwriting of her.

Watch the video below :

Source : Polimer  

On Wednesday, a new CCTV footage that shows a group of people, presumably the teachers and wardens of the Sakthi matriculation school allegedly carrying Srimathi from the spot got surfaced in online platforms. As soon as the video released officially in news portals, various kind of reactions are being made in the internet platforms by the public. While a set of online users asked where was this footage all these days, many questioned the body language of those who carried the chil from the spot.

The 23 seconds long video showed a woman walking towards a place where a number of others lifting Srimathi from the spot she allegedly fell from the third floor.

Watch the CCTV footage below :



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