Thamarai Got Thrashed For Commenting On The “Appearance” Of Her Co-contestant !! WATCH VIDEO

Thamarai Selvi of Bigg Boss season 5 is in the receiving end after throwing shade on her co-contestant Pavni behind her back. On the Friday episode, Thamarai, while discussing with Akshara Reddy and Abhinay about the incidents that are taking place inside the house, made a comment questioning the “appearance” of Pavni. It didn’t go well among many of the online users who watch Bigg Boss regularly which is evident through the posts that are surfacing in the online platforms.

Thamarai, a drama artist by profession, hails from a rural part of the state and is believed as one of the strongest contestants of Bigg Boss season 5. Ever since Pavni entered the changing room while Suruthi was stealing Thamarai’s coin, a confrontation took place between the latter and the “Chinnathambi” actress. In one of the recent episodes, Thamarai selvi served the Paayasam she prepared to everybody who were sitting in the dining except Pavni. Housemates got shocked over obvious negligence over Pavni.


Now, while discussing with Abhinay and Akshara, Thamarai could be heard asking “Avlo Periya Perazhagi-ya” referring to Pavni. Replying to her, Akshara says “Don’t talk that way Akka, you will be portrayed badly. If anything pops up in your mind, think of it and leave it like I do”

Words uttered by Thamarai irked a number of online users who are following the show. “If you want to stoop low Thamarai so be it. But remember when you comment about another’s appearance, 100 others are talking about yours. Yes she is beautiful, deal with it” a follower said whereas another one came up with a reaction saying ”


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