Ten simple things that make Bengaluru, a wonderful city to live in !

Bengaluru being one of the best cosmopolitan cities in India, possesses blessed super cool climate, awesome drinks, dining and world class shopping. It is not just a place with tourist attractions, but also one can experience the globalized face of India. As the hub of booming IT industry, it is on par with Mumbai in terms of progress. Apart from our traditional culture, one can also find the contrast of hip -hop locals conversing in English. Metal bands with craft beers are one of the best stress relievers. 

Not to be forgotten, with this rapid phase of development, Bengaluru is also encountering traffic congestion and rising pollution levels. However the city is also focused  on preserving its green space and its colonial era heritage. Urbanization has made the city stretch more than thrice of its original area along with enhanced living experience. But in olden areas, even today one can find the local flavour and peaceful living. 

Here are some of such things, which beautifies ones living in the city:

1. Huge Lung Spaces:  Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park are two great examples among hundreds of parks that can be found in the city. They spread upto 40 acres and 300 acres respectively, that too in the heart of the city. 

2. World’s Best Masala Dosei: It is one of the best places for food lovers. Especially Masala Dosei, which has patented authentic traditional taste. Some of the best places to treat your taste buds are: MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Rooms), Shri Sagar (CTR), Vidyarthi Bhavan etc.. It is simply the best. 

3. Filter Kaapi: No wonder if Bengaluru  is called Coffee capital of India. With chains of Cafe Coffee Day (CCD), Hatti Kaapi, By-two Coffee and Darshinis, one gets to sip all kinds of coffees. 

4. BMTC Buses: Though metro has emerged recently, BMTC buses continue to be lifeline of the city by having nearly 6700 buses operating daily. From ordinary priced bus to volvo, BMTC (Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation) is always at your service. 

5. Theatre: Bengaluru is one metropolitan city which has kept theatre art alive. Even today youngsters love to spend their weekends watching various plays which are available in different languages. Being tamizhan, you can also find wide range of tamil plays enacted. 
Example: Rangashankara.

6. Aero India: If you are in Bengaluru, you can witness this spectacular of best aircrafts from around the world. It takes place once a year. 

7. Startup Hub: Bengaluru is Asia’s hottest startup hubs. Government of Karnataka has recently proved it by launching Invest Bengaluru scheme, which provides ample opportunities to startup your dream. 

8. Wall Paintings: It subtly depicts culture of Karnataka. You can find them extensively throughout the city. It adds aesthetic value as well as prevents dumping of garbage in certain places. 

9. Weather: Such a blessed moderate weather. No wonder it caught the attention of British in 19th century itself. 

10. Pub capital: Bengaluru has highest number of pubs in Asia, hence earns this title. Heavy bands to light music, all the best of melodies accompany these pubs and make it a wonderful place to hangout. Some pubs  are well known for their awesome location such a UB City and 13th Floor Pub and Restaurant. 


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