“Tamilnadu Always Have Something Beyond Other’s Imagination” – MP’s Tweet Goes Viral

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After the Government PU college, Kundapura, Karnataka allowed allowed the Hijab-clad female students to enter the premises, Dalit students wearing blue shawls, chanting “Jai Bhim” came in support of Hijab wearing girls at Karnataka’s IDSG Chikkamangalur. Protests erupted across several colleges including Udippi, Chikmagalur, Manglore, Bhadravathi, Kundapura, Belgaum, Hassan and Honnali where students hijabs have barred to enter the educational premises. Meanwhile, a tweet uploaded by Tamil nadu MP MM Abdulla about the decision made by a school in which his daughter is studying has grabbed attention among the online users.

It all started after Karnataka’s home minister Araga Jnanendra said that religions should be kept away from education and ordered that students should neither come wearing Hijab nor saffron shawl to schools. Followed by his statement, an incident on hijab wearing students being denied entry into school had took place. The home minister further said that no one should come to school to practice their religion as this is where all students should learn together with a feeling of oneness.

As soon as the statements of the home minister made headlines, reports about a bunch of Hijab wearing school students being stopped at the gate by authorities at Kundapur Pre university College surfaced with visuals. The principal, reportedly asked the students to remove their head dress (hijab) in order to enter the class as they are not allowed to wear it inside campus.

When students argued that the order of government didn’t mention Kundapur college, the principal, reportedly said that the government’s order applies throughout the state. To protest against the girls who wear hijab, Hindu boys and girls entered the schools with saffron shawls and started protesting. Now, reports about students wearing blue shawls entering the premises surfaced in online platforms and created outrage.

A standoff also broke out between students wearing saffron shawls and students wearing blue shawls in Chikmagalur with “Jai bhim” & “Jai Shree ram” and other slogans being chanted inside the campus amid the Hijab controversy. A circular issued by Udipi PU college’s principal about “Students are free to wear hijabs inside school premises but not in class rooms” in December month became one of the main reasons for the outrage.

Now, Pudukottai M. M Abdulla, Member of Parliament, came up with a tweet in his official twitter handle, making it clear how Tamil nadu stands alone in such issues. Revealing about how the school in which his daughter is studying handling the issue, M.M Abdulla admired state Tamil nadu for always having something beyond the imagination of others.

In the school which is being managed by Brahmins, he authorities allow Muslim girls to wear Hijab in the uniform colour. “A school namely called viruksha in chennai,one of the top Montessori school in south India where my daughter is studying, allows Muslim girls to wear hijab in uniform colour. The school is managed by ‘Brahmin’ sisters! Tamilnadu always have something beyond other’s imagination” his tweet read.

Check out his tweet below :

Reacting to the tweet, a twitter user asked why the MP is not letting his daughter get educated through a government school. Check out how e reacted :

Check out some of the other reactions his tweet received :


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