Tamilisai Soundararajan Extended Her Support To Sai Pallavi Who Got Body Shamed By A Face book User !!

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Tamilisai Soundararajan, governor of Pondicherry, extended her support to actress Sai Pallavi who got body shamed by a Facebook user. According to Puthiya Thalaimurai, a Face book user criticized the looks of actress Sai Pallavi saying that she is not looking beautiful like how everyone are celebrating her. It is notable that Sai Pallavi, in an old interview, said that she is someone who fights against the agenda that was set for the so-called “beautiful appearance” by the society. She also turned down an opportunity to advertise for a fairness cream and acted in “Premam” without make-up.


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Now, commenting on the same, successful politician Tamilisai Soundararajan extended her support to Sai Pallavi saying that people would demean the looks of women to stop them growing from their respective fields. She also narrated the ordeal she went through while facing the body shaming comments from public, while talking with the Puthiya Thalaimurai news channel.

“The one who goes through such comments would only know about the pain. But I have surpassed such struggles through my talent and hard work” Tamizhisai Soundararajan said. “It is not our fault to be born short, dark or with other flaws. They would call me “Parattai” to make fun of me. It is not our fault and everyone of us are beautiful in our own way” Tamilisai Soundarajan said in the interview.

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“Women are the ones who go through such body shaming comments in large manner, comparing to men. Such comments are being made to stop the growth of women” she added. Talking about the same, Sai Pallavi, in an old interview said that she wants to break the stereotype of girls believing being fair is beauty. “When my younger sister Pooja thought that I was more fairer than her, I advised her to eat vegetables and fruits. Though she doesn’t likes them, she started eating to become fair which made me think that the perspective of “being fair is beauty” should be changed.” Sai Pallavi said in the interview. Read : Sai Pallavi Revealed Why She Rejected 2 Crore Worth Fairness Cream Ad !! MUST WATCH VIDEO !!

On turning down the fairness cream ad opportunity through which se could have earned Rs. 2 crore, Pallavi said “With the money I am getting for that ad, I am however going to eat and do what I am doing today. But what I wanted is the change in people’s mindset around me. This is the colour of Indians. We couldn’t say to Americans that their color will give them cancer.”


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“Even I had these insecurities till doing Premam. When Alphonse asked me to appear in screen without make ups and haircut, I questioned him. Even today if I pick up a call the person in the other end will think that I am a male because of my voice. So in whatever the way, I had to change those insecurities, I tried to change it. This is the reason why I turned that opportunity down.” the Premam actress said.






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