Tamil nadu Opinion Poll Results Of Four Media Portals Out !!


Ahead of the assembly election that is scheduled to take place on 6th of April, opinion poll results of four significant media portals favoured the ruling party. It is the first election since very long time that is going to take place without former Chief ministers J. Jayalalithaa of AIADMK and M. Karunanithi of DMK. Voters are eagerly waiting to witness the winner of this most expected election.

Chief minister Edappadi K Pazhaniswamy and the Leader of opposition MK Stalin are actively involving in campaiging for their respective political parties in order to gain votes from the public. They who realized that there is no “next time” for them, are conducting rallies, campaigns and meetings etc.

It is reported that the ongoing governance of AIADMK which is ruling the state for the past 10 years, has impressed the public. Chief minister Edappadi K Pazhaniswamy who has been ruling the state for past fiur and half years, has won the hearts of people with his schemes and programmes, according to reports. A million dollar question on who is going to win the upcoming elections among AIADMK and DMK has raised.

Opinions polls are being conducted by several media portals among which most of them were favoured the ruling party. A number of opinion polls has said that DMK would win the upcoming election as well. Now, the opinion poll results of Raj TV, Kumudham, Aadhann Tamil and Network democracy has suggested that the ruling party is going to win the upcoming elections.

Kumutham results has reported that AIADMK would win in 125 constituencies and DMK in 109 whereas Aadhan tamil has confirmed AIADMK’s victory in 130 constituencies and DMK”s victory in 100 constituencies. Network Democracy has said that ADMK will be winning in 122 constituencies with DMK grabbing victory in 111.

Raj TV has reportedly said that AIADMK is going to win in 124 constituencies with DMK and others winning in 94 and 16 constituencies respectively. It is reported that the members of DMK party are disturbed due to the results of the various poll results which said that AIADMK will continue to rule.


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