Tamil Nadu Finance Minister PTR Explained Why He Replies To Online Trolls !!

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CM / Updated: 2021-09-08
14:00 IST

Tamil nadu finance minister Dr. Palanivel Thiagarajan explained why he replies to online trolls after shutting down a twitter user who mocked him for working as an investment banker at Lehman brothers during the early stage of his career after his education. After replying to him by mentioning about his achievements in the past, PTR also explained why he is reacting to the online trolls amidst his hectic schedule.


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It all started when PTR shared a news report about 50 families in Madurai J.J Nagar getting electricity after 20 long years due to his intervention. Sharing the news, PTR said “I came late to public life, after I’d already achieved enough & provided for my family during decades as an expat. I came back to follow my forefathers & try to help those in need. So I’m grateful to be a minister in MK Stalin’s Government. We will soon sort out their Patta’s also” in his tweet.


Quoting this tweet of the finance minister, a twitter user named NRI Tamizhan added a GIF of Goundamani and Karthick to mockingly mention “Lehman Brothers” where PTR worked. He highlighted how PTR used “achieved enough” in his tweet to troll the minister.

Despite having no compulsion to react to such trolls, PTR took time to reply him. He said that he had mentored at least 100 people who have 10x better careers than him and added that he had ran 100X the scale of operation than the twitter user ever work for in his life. “Dude…I crap bigger than you. 2 bets (just so I can debunk the micro scale of Cultist scum like you)…. 1) I mentored at least 100 people who have 10x better careers than you 2) I ran 100X the scale of operation than you’ll ever work for in your life. Up for it, minion?” reply to PTR read.


The tweet garnered wide reach with film director C.S Amudhan expressing his opinion on why a minister should stoop responding to troll accounts. “One could ask PTR, why a minister of the land stoops to responding to troll accounts but the man has a pretty stressful job & who can deny him his little bit of fun.” Amudhan tweet read to which PTR himself replied saying “Everyone needs a hobby…especially after long work days… As I said to my leader once, debunking cultist morons fancying themselves as “intellectuals”…is following in Periyar’s footsteps”

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