Tamil Film Director Trolled The Statement Made By PUBG Madan’s Wife On AUDI A6 !!

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2 years ago

After the enormous number of trolls that surfaced in social media platforms against the statement made by Krithika, PUBG Madan’s wife, on Audi car, popular Tamil film director CS Amudhan who is known for directing “Tamizh Padam 1” and “Tamizh Padam 2”, came up with a tweet parodying her opinion on Audi A6 car not being a luxurious one. On Wednesday, The filmmaker uploaded a picture of his lunch which showed several dishes including chicken and mutton and said that it’s a simple snacks, not a luxurious one.



A comment made by Madan’s wife in a recent press meet on Audi car caused hilarious trolls in social media platforms. She who denied all the accusations that were made against herself and her husband Madan, said that they don’t own luxurious cars but only having an “Audi A6”. Reporters who were present at the press meet, immediately asked how “Audi A6” couldn’t be considered as a luxurious car but Krithika didn’t answer them and continued to deny that the other cars that were shown in media doesn’t belong to them. Several trolls surfaced in social media platforms, making fun of her statement.

Watch the video below :

“I have just bought a bike through youtube earnings. That too with the help of instalment. People are worrying about having an Audi car. When am I going to hit million subscribers and all ?” said popular youtuber Gurubai in his tweet to troll the statement of Madan’s wife.


Another influential twitter user said that this statement from PUBG Madan’s wife reminds him of a popular incident where veteran actor MR Radha used an expensive car to carry straw.

The official twitter handle of Sun news came up with a post notifying the price of Audi A6. The post said that a new AUDI A6’s range starts at Rs. 54,20,000.

On Wednesday, director CS Amudhan came up with a tweet writing “சொகுசு அல்லாத எளிய சிற்றுண்டி.” (Not luxurious but a simple snacks) and uploaded a picture of a feast that included several non-veg dishes served on a banana leaf.

Here’s his post :



Check out some of the reactions for his tweet below :

On Tuesday, Youtuber Madan’s wife Krithika appeared in front of press reporters, defending her husband who is in jail for using abusive words against women in a public forum. Earlier, it was reported that Goondas act has been charged against the youtuber. As a result of it, the accused’s wife Krithika who went to Commissioner office, met press reporters and defended the activities of her husband. She said that negativity is being spread against her husband who earned money through working 20 hours per day for his youtube channel.

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