Tamil Director Regrets For Giving Birth To Two Girl Children !!

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3 years ago

An emotional tweet posted by Tamil filmmaker Rathnakumar, regarding Jayapriya, goes viral among the social media virus. The report on seven year old girl child Jayapriya’s murder created huge outrage across the state. People are seeking immediate justice and expressing their emotions against the culprits who caused the brutal crime. Jayapriya, a 7 year old girl who belongs to Arimalam in Pudhukottai was missing for past two days, according to reports. Parents of the child registered a police complaint in Embal police station and a search was on since then.


To their shock, Jayapriya was found dead near a pond named as “Kilavithammam”. She was attacked by 3 men and was raped by them says initial reports. Several wounds were found in her body and the final pictures of her are being shared widely in social media platforms seeking justice.

While talking to media, Pudukkottai district superintendent of Police Arun Shakthi said that 2 youths were arrested and investigation is underway. “There won’t be any delay like Gantharvakottai girl child murder case in this case. Details will be released soon” he said to the media.


This horrific murder created huge outrage in the social media platforms. Actress Athmika, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan, Director Mohan G reacted to the news so far and demanded justice. Several number of people involved in trending the hashtag as well. Director Rathnakumar who is known for making films like “Meyaadha Maan”, “Aadai”, posted an heart wrenching tweet questioning the safety of his two daughters.

“That child was happily playing by wearing a safety mask. You rogues raped and killed her. I heart beats faster while thinking that I have gave birth to two girl children in this shameful world” the filmmaker said in his tweet. “அந்த குழந்த முக கவசம் லாம் போட்டுட்டு சிரிச்சி பேசி விளையாடிட்டு இருந்திருக்கா டா டேய் கெடுத்து கொன்னுட்டீங்களே டா. இப்படி ஒரு கேடுகெட்ட உலகத்துல நான் ரெண்டு பெண் குழந்தைய பெத்து போட்டத நெனச்சாலே நெஞ்சு பதறுது.” read Rathna’s tweet.


Many other people who belong to the Tamil speaking state felt ashamed of the incident, hoping to get justice immediately. Few even requesting Tamilnadu government to follow Hyderabad police in this case as they have killed the culprits in 26 year old Priyanka rape and murder case. Cricketer Subramaniam Badrinath is one among them. He wanted to instill fear in the state by providing capital punishment as the answer.

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