Tamil Director Called Out Pranksters After Madan’s Arrest !!

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2 years ago

Arrest of youtuber Madan caused a debate in the Internet with people raising complaints against many other youtube content creators for making videos that disturbs public. Tamil filmmaker Deekay who is known for making films “Yaamirukka Bayamey”, “Kavalai Vendam”, “Katteri” expressed his displeasure over the pranksters. Replying to a tweet of reviewer Prashanth, Deekay said that they harass people and bully them. He also named popular prankster Sidhu in his tweet.


Director Deekay at the sets of “Kavalai Vendam”

Madan Manickam who is popularly known as “Toxic” Madan or Madan OP, got arrested by a special team of police at Dharmapuri at the wee hours of Friday. He was hiding at the residence of one of his friends, says the reports. He was accused of degrading women through his youtube videos by using obscene language. It is notable that Krithika, wife of Madan who helped him in uploading videos got arrested and is currently lodged in Puzhal jail.

Among the many who have been reacting to the arrest news, popular movie reviewer Prashanth came up with a tweet saying that news channels are making him a national sensation. He believed that a gaming company will sign a contract worth crores to play their game after he comes out of jail. He also said that a movie could be made on his life.



“What next for madan OP ? Our tamil media has made him a national gaming sensation. He will come out of Jail , and some gaming company is going to sign a contract worth crores to play their game. And possibility of a movie made taking him as an inspiration.” read his tweet.

Reacting to this tweet, filmmaker Deekay wondered why no one is talking about the pranksters who disturb public. “Why are u? or anybody not opening their mouth about all these prank videos?They harass ppl literally bully them and make videos.. why nobody is even bothered to talk about guys like Sidhu or whoever bullying bystanders making fun and making a name? I wonder?” he questioned through his tweet.


He further added a tweet tagging the prominent trackers, media channels, reviewers of Tamil film industry and questioned the same. “Why nobody is even bothered to ask or talk about all these prank videos?? @ndtv @ChennaiTimesTOI @rameshlaus @sumanthraman @itisprashanth it is literal harassment and invasion of privacy.” he said in his next tweet.

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