Tamil Celebrities Reacted To The Karnataka Hindu & Muslim Students Issue !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-02-09
10:05 IST

Right from actor cum politician Kamal Haasan to Television host Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, a number celebrities who belong to Tamil film industry reacted to the communal riot that is taking place in state Karnataka between students. “What’s happening in Karnataka makes us panic. A poisonous religious wall is being erupted between innocent students. This shouldn’t happen in Tamil nadu. This is time for the progressive power to be more careful” Kamal Haasan said in his tweet, referring to the calamity that started due to Muslim girls entering educational institutions by wearing hijab.

Lakshmy Ramakrishnan, in a series of tweets she posted, said that all women will wear hijab and protest if the harassment on female students didn’t stop. She also advised students to be united. Check out her tweets below :

DMK’s Kanimozhi came up with a couple of tweets calling out the miscreants who are acting against “all are equal” and “unity in diversity”.

Director Naveen Mohamedali who is known for directing a film named “Moodar Koodam”, came up with a tweet saying that people of Tamil nadu shouldn’t be careless as a drop of poison is enough to make a pot full of water.

Actress Kasthuri reacted to the tweet of Sivaganga MP Karthi P Chithambaram about the issue.

Popular video jockey Parvathi extended her support for students wearing hijab by sharing the picture of a student named Muskan protesting against a bunch of saffron boys.

It all started after Karnataka’s home minister Araga Jnanendra said that religions should be kept away from education and ordered that students should neither come wearing Hijab nor saffron shawl to schools. Followed by his statement, an incident on hijab wearing students being denied entry into school had took place. The home minister further said that no one should come to school to practice their religion as this is where all students should learn together with a feeling of oneness.

While the muslim girl students were arguing with their respective college managements, Hindu boys and girls entered the schools with saffron shawls and started protesting. Recently, reports about students wearing blue shawls entering the premises surfaced in online platforms and created outrage. Video of a lone female student being heckled by hundreds of saffron boys went viral with many supporting the girl who chanted “Alla hu Akbar”.


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