Tamil Celebrities Condemned Family Man 2 Even After Watching It !!


Ever since the trailer of The Family Man 2 released, condemnations from all over the Tamil community has been brewing, demanding the ban of the series. When a set of people argued saying that the complaints should be made only after watching the whole content of the show, now, popular youtuber Madan Gowri, actress Mirna Menon and many others stated that they have watched the entire show and firmly said that it did hurt the sentiments of Tamils. Followed Naam Tamizhar president Seeman, Tamil nadu government and other political personalities, VCK leader Tho. Thirumavalavan posted a tweet demanding ban for the series by uploading a picture from the series.

“Family Man’s director told that people should comment after watching the series. I watched it, and it shows Tamils in very bad light. And why is Samantha having 3 layers of charcoal make up?!” read the tweet of Madan Gowri, a popular youtuber who has a followership of nearly 5 million subscribers.

“Family man 2 has been watched. All I want to say is, Thalaivar and The Tigers are above all your narratives. Better Luck next time !!” said actress Mirnaa through her Instgaram story.

VCK leader Thol. Thirumavalavan uploaded a tweet condemning the director and producers of The Family man 2 series. “Amazon should remove it immediately” he said in his tweet.

National award winning director and actor Cheran, uploaded a series of tweets demanding a ban on the newly released Bollywood web series The Family man season 2. He believed that the series has portrayed LTTE which fought for the people of Tamil community in a bad light and said that he is going to abandon it. The filmmaker wanted the makers to immediately stop streaming and series and announced that he is not going to be a subscriber of Amazon Prime until they stop streaming it. He also retweeted the press release of director cum politician Seeman against the series.

Earlier, Tamil nadu government sent a letter to ban the series and Filmmaker cum Politician Seeman issued a press release warning the crew of facing dire consequences if they release the series. He believed that the dialogues and the geographical details mentioned in the recently released trailer, were not unintentional. He urged the series to be banned as it only concentrates on portraying the Tamizh people as “terrorists”.

It all started when the trailer of the series released in youtube. Throughout the trailer of the “Family man 2”, we could see Samantha wearing the uniform of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). The dialogues also suggested that there is a hostage situation in Chennai. It has been reported that most part of the website is taking place in Chennai. LTTE also known as Tamil tigers is an organisation that attempted to establish an independent state for Tamils named “Eelam” in Sri lanka.


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