Tamil Bigg Boss Star Slammed Pa.Ranjith For This Reason !!

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CM / Updated: 2020-02-28
17:22 IST

The violent protest in Delhi caused the death of at least 42 people and injured more than 200 people. The act of citizenship amendment law instigated the tension between supporters and anti supporters of it. Shops and vehicles got destroyed, families misplaced in the riot. Many leaders across the state expressed their disappointment over the ruckus.

Delhi police, who was criticised for ineffective de-escalation efforts, issued an appeal on Thursday, requesting people, including media persons, to come forward and give their statements and share video footage in connection with the violence. Documented here is how the situation in Delhi deteriorated on February 25, 26 and 27.

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On seeing the state of the country, director Pa.Ranjith who is known for voicing out for social issues, has posted a tweet slamming the issue. “It’s so disheartening to see the communal fascist forces unleashing violence in the Nation’s capital.India is a secular democratic nation.The ruling BJP government is systematically turning this country to fundamentalism & trying the same in Tamilnadu.Lets unite against fascism!” he posted in his tweet.

Gayathri Raguramm, an actress and supporter of BJP party replied to the filmmaker ina way of slamming him. The actress is also a politician who supported BJP party in the Lok Sabha election. In November 2015, Gayathri was appointed as Bharathiya Janata Party’s secretary for arts in Tamil Nadu. She had earlier joined the party in 2014 in the presence of BJP president Amit Shah. In 2017, Gayathri was a contestant on the Tamil reality show Bigg Boss hosted by Kamal Haasan.


“What is the meaning of secularism? Is secularism apply only to Hindus? BJP is correcting the corrupt system. Because u Periyarist coolie mamas are destroying the hindu religion in Tamil Nadu. Congress pakistan kai coolies destroying Hindus in India. It’s u who provoke Muslims”

Comment your views on these statements of Gayathri !!

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