Tamil Actress’s Reaction To Her Own Leaked Video Wins Internet!!

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3 months ago

Actress Reshma Pasupuleti’s reaction to a morphed video of herself leaking in internet, won hearts as she made fun of it. The actress, instead of getting panicked or losing her cool, said that she is lucky enough to have a understanding family and her attitude many users of the online platforms.

Reshma made her acting debut with Masala Padam, playing the heroine opposite debutant actor Gaurav. She has subsequently appeared in several more films, notably playing a news reader in Ko 2 and a comedy role in Velainu Vandhutta Vellaikaaran alongside Soori which gained her fame among Tamil audience. She then appeared in Girls, a Tamil and Malayalam bilingual, about illicit relationships.


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She became household name among Tamil television audience after appearing in the third season of Tamil Bigg Boss show. Currently, she is busy acting in the Vijay TV serial “Bakkiyalakshmi”. She is also pretty much active in her social media handles.

Most lately, a video of the actress is doing rounds in social media platforms in which she was seen talking about her morphed videos being leaked in internet. “A video titling “Reshma Pasupuleti hot se* video leaked” surfced in internet through Suchi Leaks. I was in US at that time” the actress said in the show which was hosted by director cum actor Karu. Palaniyappan.


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“My sister called me and said that my se* video got leaked. I was wondering as I’m not even in town, I was in another country and i don’t even have a boyfriend, how could it leak” she said in the show with people around her cheering for her with claps.

“I can’t understand. My mother asked this to me through my sister. Since my father is a move producer, my grandfather is also a movie producer and my brother is an actor, they understood. My family handled it so gracefully, I don’t know if any other family could handled the mental depression” she said.


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“I want to check the video first as I know about how my body looks. That girl in the video looked very beautiful. We laughed at it and left but how much trauma it will create for other people?? They would even commit suicide”

Watch the video below :

The actress attitude towards her own morphed video, impressed the users of online platforms. Many lauded her for her “bold” approach towards such issues and being an inspiration for many girls. One of the very interesting fact about Reshma is that she is a sister Bobby Simha who is known for his appearance in many Tamil films. He won National award for the film Jigarthanda and is busy doing films as protagonist currently. She herself made it clear about the relationship between herself and Bobby Simha in an old interview.

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