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Tamil Actress Said That She Can’t Vote This Time !! Got Thrashed



Tamil Actress Said That She Can’t Vote This Time !! Got Thrashed

Tamil actress Kasthuri who is pretty much active in social media platforms, is known for providing her political opinions and views through her tweets. On Sunday, she came up with a tweet saying that won’t be casting her vote for the upcoming Tamil nadu assembly election that is scheduled to take place on Tuesday due to an “unavoidable problem”. She also took a dig at parties which gave money to people and sarcastically said that she feels left out. However, many of her social media followers slammed her for failing to her “national duty” of casting her vote.


The Election Commission of India announced the schedule for five upcoming assembly elections in the country – Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala, West Bengal and Puducherry. While Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry will have elections in a single phase, polls will be held in Assam in three phases. West Bengal, however, will have elections in eight phases.

The counting of votes will take place on May 2. All elections in 38 districts of Tamil Nadu consisting of 234 Assembly Constituencies will be held in single phase. A total of 6.26 crore people including 3.18 crore women, 3.08 men and over 7,200 persons from the third gender are going to vote in the assembly election, says reports.

Many influential personalities from cinema, sports and various other industries are suggesting people to cast their vote without fail on 6th of April in order to choose the right leader for the state Tamil nadu. Many campaigns to make people vote are also taking place across social media platforms.


Meanwhile, the tweet posted by Kasthuri, in which she said that she won’t b casting her vote on 6th of April has irked her followers. “Unavoidable problem-not in town. More than the regret of not being able to cast my vote, I am feeling bad for not being there during the cash disbursement. Feeling left out. This year they have paid all income groups! #ShameonUs #dravidianLegacy” Kasthuri said in her tweet.

Check out her tweet below :


Though the actress expressed her condemnation over the illegal cash disbursement ahead of the election, Kasthuri got slammed by most of her followers for failing to perform her duty of casing vote. “You couldn’t even cast your vote for the county, why do you even have political opinions ?” asked a follower whereas another one said “people who won’t even vote would talk like political intellectuals”

Check out some of their reactions below :


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