Tamil Actress Condemned H. Raja For Dragging PTR’s Family !

BJP politician H.Raja personally attacked Tamil nadu’s finance minister Palanivel Thiaga Rajan in one of the recent meetings and actress Kasthuri expressed her disgust over the speech of the former. PTR has been countering the views of the national party ever since DMK voted to power through 2021 assembly elections. Most recently, the TN FM strongly registered his voice against Prime minister Narendra Modi regarding the debate on freebies.


Controversial BJP politician H.Raja, in his recent speech, abused the minister and attacked him personally. Disrespecting the finance minister by mentioning him as “avan”, ivan”, H. Raja asked whether he would treat Christian fathers in the same manner he is treating Hindus. Would he use the same words to a Muslim Molvi ?? Do the standard of Hindus lowered that much ?” H. Raja asked.

Further, the BJP politician dragged the personal life of the DMK minister and made an inappropriate comment. “If you want to make your wife Margaret happy, there are so many ways. There is no necessity degrade a Hindu leader. What character this PTR is” the BJP politician said through his tweet.

Watch the video below :

The politician’s comment caused widespread outrage, not only among the supporters but also among those who wish for a peaceful political environment in state Tamil nadu. Along with many, actress cum politics enthusiast Kasthur came up with a tweet saying that she got shocked and disgusted to see the video of Raja and added that even DMK trolls don’t abuse family members.


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“Shocked & disgusted by HRaja’s speech ( won’t share the video) @ptrmadurai’s outbursts may have been uncouth, but his points were relevant. To counter that by targeting his wife is absolutely vile. Even DMK trolls don’t abuse family members. New low for @Hraja & @BJP4TamilNadu” she said through her tweet.

“See the replies in this thread. Dirtiest DMK wankers are acting like saints now. Now they are labelling entire BJP, Brahmins etc. What is with people called Raja in the BJP? One in TN one in Telangana….” she further added.

Check out her tweets below :

Here’s some of the other reactions that surfaced regarding the speech of H.Raja :



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