Tamil Actress Blamed Youngsters For The Collapse Of Gujarat Bridge!!

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5 months ago

On Sunday, more than 140 people died after a bridge in Gujarat’s Morbi got collapsed. It has been reported that the bridge was opened to the public ahead of schedule by a private company that was hired for its maintenance. In the meantime, Tamil actress cum Politician Gayatri Raguramm blamed youngsters for the collapse of bridge and asked them to be more responsible.

There were close to 500 people on the Hanging Bridge when the cables snapped on Sunday evening,  sending hundreds tumbling into the river. The bridge could take the weight of only about 125 people, according to officials. The crowd included woman performing chhath Pooja rituals, and scores of children.

Though tickets were sold there was no apparent crowd control, either by the private company or by the administration. There was allegedly no cap on the number of people on the suspension bridge, which is listed as a popular tourist site in an official Gujarat government website.

According to the contract between the Morbi Municipal body and Ajanta manufacturing Private Limited, accessed by NDTV, the bridge had to be shut for at least 8 to 12 months for maintenance and repairs.

But the historical colonial Era Bridge was thrown open to the public within 7 months, on October 26, when the Gujarat new year is celebrated. The company did not take a fitness certificate from the authorities, which Morbi Municipal Agency chief Sandeep Singh Zala confirmed to NDTV on Sunday.


Ajanta , a clockmaker is part of the Oreva group which sold tickets for the Bridge at 17 apiece. Apart from the early reopening every safety rule was broken, says the reports. CCTV footage of people falling into the river are going viral in social media platforms. Rally have a felt suspend that Prime Minister Narendra Modi referring to the tragedy at an event in Gujarat this morning.

Watch the video below :

In the meantime, actress Gayatri Raguramm came up with a series of tweets, addressing the issue. “The young man shaking the bridge is caught on camera. Many others did same act. Now it caused more than 130 lives. Similar thing happened in Korea during Halloween night 150 died due to stampede. Youth should be more responsible in public” Gayatri Raguramm said in her tweet by sharing a video.

Check out some of the other tweets she uploaded below :


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