Tamil Actor’s Bold Tweet Against Yogi Adithyanath !!


Reacting to a statement of Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adithyanath, Tamil actor Siddharth who has been criticizing the ruling government for the massive hike in the increase of COVID 19 positive cases, said that Yogi Adithyanath will face a tight slap if he make false claims.

Yogi Adityanath announced that any one trying to create fear and panic during the pandemic, especially hospitals falsely claiming oxygen shortage would face legal actions. Additional chief secretary Navneet Seghal said that actions will be initiated against those who peddle lies.

“Some hospitals claimed oxygen shortage, but were found to have adequate supply on inspection. The threat of action is against such entities. Those hospitals with genuine problem should approach the district magistrate or chief medical officer to resolve their problem” he reportedly said.

Actor Siddharth who has been coming down heavily on BJP led government in the centre for past few years, uploaded a tweet warning Yogi Adityanath of getting a tight slap. He said that Yogi should make false claims such as “being a decent human”, “holy man” or “God” and warned that he will face a tight slap if he makes such claims.

“Any false claims of being a decent human being or a holy man or a leader will face one tight slap.” reply of the actor read.

Check out his tweet below :

Many supporters of BJP party abused the Pan Indian actor through the comment section of his post and reactions supporting the actor for his bold, outspoken nature also surfaced.

Check out some of the reactions below :

Earlier, Siddharth posted a tweet expressing his wish of bringing President rule in India and changed his mind after seeing the opinions of his followers. The actor also criticized the government saying “When you are voted out of power one day, this country will truly be vaccinated. Its coming. We will still be here…” Also Read : Siddharth Blocked Gayathri Raguramm In Twitter !! Check What The Actress Has To Say


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