Swiggy Boy’s Atrocious Behaviour To Woman Who Ordered Food !!

If you live alone or just can’t cook edible food, then there is only one solution that most people who deal with this resort to – ordering online. In such situations, most of us will prefer ordering in Swiggy as it is one of the most famous food delivering app. The Online food delivering app works by employing people to deliver food from the hotels and restaurants to the people who placed order from home or office.


Many times we have witnessed people offering drinks or tips to the one who delivers the food as they manages the traffic to deliver the food on time irrespective of the climate and atmosphere they face. Few of us would have did it as well. But what happens when the guy who comes to deliver our food is a crackhead or a complete moron ??

A woman from Tamilnadu has experienced a worst situation only because of ordering food in Swiggy. The online food delivering app has been in trouble more than once. Earlier, a man in Chennai named Balamurugan Deenadayalan ordered chicken schezwan chopsuey only to find a blood stained band aid in it. But this time, the complaint is not about the food but about the guy who delivered it.

Going by the tweets of this woman which is going viral across the micro blogging social media site, a delivery person asked her to wear a shawl in her own house. The woman tagged the official twitter handle of Swiggy and complained about the same.



In a series of tweets, she wrote ““@swiggy_in can your employees mind their own business? One of your delivery persons asked me to put on a shawl coming to my own fucking house. Why does it matter? Do we have to teach manners to them? Why are these fuckers entitled to tell us how we dress? THAT TOO IN MY OWN HOUSE. I’LL FUCKING BLOCK EVERYONE WHO IS MAKING FUN OF THIS. FUCK OFF. “

Check out the tweets she posted here :

When many of her followers asked her why she didn’t give him a reply he deserved, the woman reported that he walked away immediately after telling her.


To this tweet of her Swiggy immediately replied to her with a tweet informing her the appropriate actions will be taken soon.

As soon as the tweet from the victim surfaced, many started reacting and slammed the unknown delivery guy. Few even stated that the woman is seeking attention by making up a story. What do you think on the behaviour of the delivery guy ?? Comment your views below !!


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