VIRAL VIDEO : Swiggy Boy Ended Up Thrashing A Woman In Public After Trying To Pacify Her Anger!!

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12 months ago

A viral video showing a swiggy delivery boy thrashing a woman in public on broad day light after intervening in a problem she was having with her boyfriend to pacify her is going viral in social media platforms with various kind of reactions from the users of it.

The incident happened in Bhubaneswar of Odisha and it has been reported that the woman was beating her boyfriend after stepping out of Indira park. She was hitting and abusing him after knowing that he was having an affair with another girl after promising to marry her.

While the girl was having an altercation with her boyfriend, on lookers surrounded and watched them fighting and even recorded the incident. On seeing more and more people gathering, the woman got more agitated and even tried to snatch a phone of one of the people who was recording the incident.

Reports suggested that a food delivery executive intervened and tried to pacify the couple who were arguing and involved in beating. He reportedly objected the woman using foul languages and asked her to stop which only enraged the woman’s agitation.

A heated exchange of profanities took place between the woman and the delivery executive which led the woman to slap the delivery executive. Losing his cool, the delivery man started hitting back the woman repeatedly all over her face and body.

He shoved her, slapped her in the back and face. People who were around, stopped him from hitting her further. Reports suggested that neither the woman nor the delivery executive filed a police complaint.

Umashankar Dash, DCP of Bubaneshwar, while interacting with media, said “Since it was an incident of thrashing from both the parties, I have instructed the concerned PS official to file a case on both of them”

Here’s how Internet reacted to the incident :

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