Swiggy Boy Blamed Meme Creators For His Break Up !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-08-11
12:15 IST

On Wednesday, A youth who has been uploading love related videos with his girl friend through youtube platform, came up with a video saying that his girl friend broke up with him due to the trolls made by meme creators and social media users. He said that the girl left him and denied to do videos with him after she happened to see the trolls and criticisms. He also uploaded the video titling it as “My Last video”.

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“I am not happy and you people are the reason for it. Not everyone, those who are making memes and videos against us are the reason behind my sadness” the youth who has been uploading videos through a youtube channel named “Rajan Vagayara” said in the video.

“I am a 90s kid. It is hard for me to get a girlfriend. However, I managed to get a girl and was happy in my life. I started making videos with her to express my happiness and everyone who watched it said that our videos are “Good”. The positive feedback itself backfired me” he further said in his video.

“It backfired me as meme creators and video creators started making contents against us and they went viral. Those videos reached my girlfriend and it made her to think whether her decision of making videos with me is right or wrong. My friends and others would say that we look good as a couple but it didn’t last long due to the meme creators. Now, she left me and is not coming to do videos with me” the youth said.

Further, the youth said that he joined Swiggy only to get rich and provide her a luxurious life. “Now I am going to leave this job. I joined in this job only to meet her” he said and blamed the meme creators for his break up. He also accused a youtuber named “Empty Hand” for making troll videos against him. “What do you mean by “cringe”?? We don’t even know it’s meaning. If we are “cringe”, you are also “cringe” as you are using our videos to troll us” he lamented.

Watch the full video below :

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