Swathishta Of “Vikram” Fame Exposed The Scam Of “Magic Bricks” !!

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Swathishta who rose to fame among the mainstream audience of Tamil cinema through her role in Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan’s “Vikram”, exposed the scam of “Magic Bricks”, a property site which claims that it is India’s no. 1. In the pretext of guiding people to buy, sell and in getting rental spaces, the site provided worst experience to many of it’s subscribers which is evident through the reviews they are getting from public for their mobile application.

Days ago, Swathishta uploaded a couple of stories in her official Instagram handle, calling out Magic Bricks by tagging them. Through her stories, she claimed that she have not raised any complaints previously  regarding service providers on social media, but the experience with Magicbricks has compelled her to speak out.


She urged thers to think twice before subscribing to the app, and she even included a hashtag #banmagicbricks to further emphasize their dissatisfaction. Now, in an exclusive interview, the actress briefly explained about what she went through after trying to get service from the app.

It all started after Swathishta received a phone call from a representative of Magic Bricks while she was in a shooting for one of her upcoming projects. The representative named Sindhuja, asked the actress to get the prime membership of the Magic Bricks app to get access to their offers.

Despite having need of a property, Swathishta denied to subscribe to their prime membership as she already had a bad experience with the Magic Bricks. However, Sindhuja promised that no such issues will take place this time and asked the actress to make the payment immediately by sending a link to Swathishta’s mobile number.


Hoping to get the premium membership of the app, the actress made the payment and waited to get the actress. However, she didn’t get the premium membership access even after several hours. After making several attempts to get her issue resolved, Swathishta got blocked by Sindhuja.

It didn’t stop there as Swathishta contacted the app through Instagram through which another representative contacted her and promised to refund the payment within 7 working days. This time, Swathishta is not in a mind state to believe them again as she asked them to make the refund immediately. In reply, she received no proper response which made the actress to tag Sudhir Pai, the CEO of Magic Bricks and raise a complaint tweet.

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“@sudhirpai I’ve had a very bad experience from Magicbricks @magicbricks and the employees are extremely irresponsible. I want to bring it to your notice . Do address this immediately” said Swathishta through her tweet.

Here’s her tweet :

In reply, an automated message was sent to the actress who replied back saying “I have sent my number . Kindly call back and make the issue is resolved at the earliest”

In another tweet, Swathishta shared an advertisement of Magic Bricks and wrote “#banmagicbricks . Such an irresponsible service providers . Haven’t even given a damn about my issue”

Check out the tweet below :

The actress also tried to contact Sindhu through a different number and the call was answered. After knowing that it is Swathishta, Sindhuja behaved lethargically and said that she will call her back after eating. As soon as Swathishta uploaded stories in Instagram, complaining against Magic Bricks, many of her followers started messaging her saying that they became a victim of the service provider too which is evident through some of the top reviews they received for their service.

Here’s some of the reviews :

1 8

2 2

Swathishta also highlighted a similar issue faced by her friend who lost Rs. 10,000 through the app. Swathishta’s friend sent the money to an individual who identified himself as an owner of a property in Anna Nagar, received Rs. 10,000 as an advance and absconded. 

When he tried contacting the same individual through a different number, he made the same moves to cheat again which proved that Magic Bricks are not even verifying their  advertisers. The actress who went through a lot of mental trauma due to this issue, said that almost everyone who are trying to subscribe the app are getting cheated and highlighted the  reviews Magic Bricks is getting from public.

The actress who sought an immediate solution to the issue she is facing due to Magic Bricks, wondered what kind of a plight a common man would go through as the authorities of the property site didn’t even bat an eye even after she uploaded several posts complaining about the issue through her social media handles which has thousands of followers. “If a person like me who is known to a certain amount of people, is suffering mental trauma due to the service of Magic Bricks, I couldn’t imagine the plight of a common man” She said to sum up her concern over the entire issue.

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