Swasthika Mukherjee Exposed A Producer Through Her Police Complaint !!

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CM / Updated: 2023-04-08
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Swasthika Mukherjee, a renowned actor in the Bangla film industry, has accused Sandeep Sarkar, one of the producers of her upcoming film Shibpur, of sexual harassment. The actor claims that she has been receiving threatening emails from a man named Ravish Sharma on behalf of Sarkar, who has been pressuring her to promote the film. Mukherjee has said that she has already filed a police complaint and is speaking out about the issue to raise awareness and prevent others from experiencing similar harassment.

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The problems began last month when Mukherjee was contacted by Sharma via her manager. She was threatened with dire consequences if she did not promote the film. According to Mukherjee, Sharma claimed that if she did not comply, he would hack into her profiles, morph her photos using artificial intelligence, and upload them on pornography websites. She has been in touch with the authorities since then and has filed a police complaint.

Mukherjee has accused Sarkar of being behind the threats. She claims that Sarkar had not been in touch with her during the shooting and dubbing of the film, and that it was another co-producer, Ajanta Sinha Roy, who communicated with her. Mukherjee alleges that Sarkar started sending her threatening emails out of the blue, claiming that he was an American citizen and that he would get in touch with the US Consulate if she did not cooperate. He also threatened to drag her to the Police Commissioner, Chief Minister, and other officials.

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Mukherjee has stated that she has no idea what the cooperation Sarkar was demanding from her meant. She says that she shot the film and dubbed it and had no intention of not participating in promotional activities. She had emailed her available dates to the producers but did not receive any response. When the release of the film was shifted, she emailed them again, but by then, the director was supposed to helm the promotional activities. Mukherjee claims that she did not receive any marketing or PR plans from the producers, and yet they started threatening her.

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In an interview with The Times of India, Mukherjee said that she had not received a penny more than she was contractually owed for the film. She also revealed that the film’s director, Arindam Bhattacharya, was also being threatened. The actor expressed her distress and that of her manager, saying that their physical and mental health was at stake. She emphasized that such behavior spoils the reputation of the Bangla film industry.


Mukherjee’s allegations are serious and highlight the need for better mechanisms to protect artists from harassment and exploitation. It is commendable that she has taken steps to report the threats and is speaking out about the issue. The authorities need to investigate the matter and take appropriate action against the perpetrators. It is essential to ensure that artists can work in a safe and healthy environment and that they are protected from harassment and threats.

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