Suriya Got Slammed By Fans Because Of This Reason!!

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Suriya Got Slammed By Fans Because Of This Reason, Suriya’s Absence at KV Anand’s Daughter’s Wedding Sparks Controversy



The recent wedding of the late cinematographer and director KV Anand’s daughter in Chennai has become a subject of controversy. While actors Vijay Sethupathi and Jeeva attended the wedding and extended their congratulations, the absence of actor Suriya, who had worked in three films under KV Anand’s direction, has drawn criticism from netizens. This article explores the reactions and debates surrounding Suriya’s absence from the wedding.

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KV Anand’s Legacy, KV Anand, renowned for his work as a cinematographer and director, collaborated with prominent filmmakers such as Shankar. He gained recognition as a director in Tamil cinema with films like “Ko,” “Maatraan,” “Anegan,” “Kavan,” and “Kaappaan.” His sudden demise due to a heart attack on April 30, 2021, shocked the film industry. Given Anand’s contributions, his daughter’s wedding held in Chennai was expected to be attended by many celebrities.

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Vijay Sethupathi’s Attendance, One of the actors who graced the wedding was Vijay Sethupathi, who took time from his busy schedule to congratulate the bride and groom. This act of attending the event despite his commitments earned praise from fans and onlookers. Netizens lauded Sethupathi’s gesture and appreciated his good-heartedness, contrasting it with the absence of other actors who had worked with KV Anand.

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Suriya’s Role in KV Anand Films, Suriya, a well-known actor in Tamil cinema, had collaborated with KV Anand in three successful films: “Ayan,” “Maattrraan,” and “Kaappaan.” Given their working relationship, the absence of Suriya at the wedding surprised many fans and followers of both the actor and the late director. Questions were raised about why Suriya did not attend the event, especially considering his close association with KV Anand.

Netizens’ Reactions, The absence of Suriya at the wedding led to a wave of disappointment and criticism on social media. Netizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the lack of respect shown by some actors in the Tamil film industry towards the late KV Anand. They lamented the fact that often, celebrities are remembered and celebrated only during their lifetime, with their contributions forgotten after their passing. The controversy surrounding Suriya’s absence served as a reminder of this unfortunate pattern.

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Industry Insiders’ Perspective, Notable individuals from the film industry also voiced their disappointment regarding Suriya’s absence. Jayam SK Gopi, a popular figure on Twitter, expressed his dismay at the lack of attendance from several actors who had worked with KV Anand. Art director DRK Kiran, who had collaborated with Anand on various projects, echoed Gopi’s sentiment. Both individuals highlighted Vijay Sethupathi’s presence as a commendable act, emphasizing the importance of honoring and remembering the contributions of fellow artists.

The absence of Suriya, despite his significant collaboration with KV Anand, at the wedding of the late director’s daughter has stirred controversy and sparked debates online. While Vijay Sethupathi’s attendance garnered praise, Suriya’s non-appearance has left fans and netizens disappointed. This incident serves as a reminder of the tendency to overlook the legacies of artists once they pass away, and it has prompted discussions about the dynamics of respect and gratitude within the Tamil film industry.

KV Anand made his directorial debut with the film “Kana Kandaen” in 2005. The thriller starred Srikanth, Prithviraj, and Gopika and received positive reviews from critics. Despite its success, Anand chose to return to cinematography to fulfill his commitments for Shankar’s “Sivaji” (2007), featuring Rajinikanth, which was the most expensive Tamil film made at that time.

Anand collaborated with AVM Productions and Suriya for his second directorial venture, “Ayan” (2009), an action entertainer centered around the Indo-African drug smuggling trade. The film garnered positive reviews and emerged as one of the highest-grossing Tamil films of the year. Critics praised Anand’s screenplay and the logical narrative of the film.In 2011, Anand directed “Ko,” which revolved around photojournalists entangled in a political corruption scandal. Starring Jiiva, Ajmal Ameer, Karthika Nair, and Piaa Bajpai, the film received positive reviews from critics and performed well at the box office. Anand was lauded for blending commercial elements with a realistic storyline.

Overall, Anand’s early directorial ventures showcased his talent for storytelling and received critical acclaim, establishing him as a promising director in the Tamil film industry.

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