Suresh Raina Struggled Without Oxygen Cylinder !! Sonu Sood’s Gesture Won Hearts


Sonu Sood, the villain actor who became the hero of the country due to the service he provided during the COVID 19 spread, is currently giving his everything to fight the second wave of the deadly virus. The shortage of oxygen cylinders, bed with ventilator and other medical facilities in the country makes the actor to struggle in helping the public but still he is trying hard to help each and everyone who reaches him seeking medical help.

“Anyone who has lost a loved one due to scarcity of Oxygen or an injection, will never be able to live in peace all their life. They will always live with a feeling that they failed to save their family. I want to tell them.. You didn’t fail, We did” Sonu said in one of his tweets to express his emotion on the demise of people amidst the pandemic.

Recently, he shared a screen shot one of his Whatsapp conversations with a person who was in desperate need of getting a bed. Sharing the chat, Sonu said “When I fail to get an ICU bed for someone who needs it the most & want to save a loved one, I feel so helpless. Wish I had a magic wand & every thing could fall right but the reality is I will sleep with a prayer to give me time till tomorrow. I will make it happen. Just pray”

On Thursday, when former Indian cricketer and CSK player Suresh Raina uploaded a tweet asking from social media to get an oxygen ventilator for his aunt, Sonu sood immediately reached him out and helped him get one within minutes. “Urgent requirement of an oxygen cylinder in Meerut for my aunt. Age – 65. Hospitalised with Sever lung infection. Covid + SPO2 without support 70 SPO2 with support 91. Kindly help with any leads.” said Raina in his tweet and tagged Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adithyanath.

Within minutes, Sonu Sood replied to Raina writing “Send me the detals bhai. Will get it delivered.” and Raina messaged him the details through “Direct message”.

Nearly an hour later, Oxygen cylinder was delivered at the spot with a conformation tweet. Karan Gilhotra tweeted saying “Paaji cylinder is delivered…please take care of your aunt, and anything else needed in future also please let us know anytime” and tagged Sonu sood in his tweet.

Raina thanked them with his whole heart writing “Thank you so much Paji !”

This gesture from Sonu sood won the hearts of Internet users which is evident through the comments they are dropping.


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