Superstar Rajinikanth Regrets For Committing A Blunder !!

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CM / Updated: 2020-10-15
11:52 IST

After all the furore that was created by the issue of Rajinikanth with the Madras high court, the actor now, came up with a tweet regretting his act. Rajinikanth felt that he could have appealed in the corporation instead of disturbing the court. “I could have avoided the blunder” said Rajinikanth who added an hahstag saying “Experience is the best teacher”.


Actor and upcoming politician Rajinikanth filed a writ petition in the Madras high court challenging the demand of the property tax to the tune of Rs. 6. 50 lakh for his Raghavendra Marriage hall located at Kodambakkam. In the case filed by Rajinikanth, it has been said that he is regularly paying tax for the marriage hall through his counsel Vijayan Subramanian. The tax was last paid on 14th of February.


Due to the lockdown implementation by the central and state government, Rajinikanth haven’t rented his marriage hall to anyone since March 24. After seeing the invoice sent by the corporation demanding Rs.6.50 lakh as property tax for the months April through September, of September 10th, the actor stated that he had cancelled bookings for his marriage hall after March 24 and even refunded the advance money in accordance with the instruction of the government.

Rajinikanth reportedly pointed out that section 105 of the Chennai city Municipal corporation Act of 1919 provides for remission of tax if the premises remained vacant for over 30 days and insisted on according the benefit to him.

However, The court warned of imposing cost on the actor rushing the court without giving adequate time for the authorities to dispose of his representation. While addressing the case, Justice Anitha Sampath said “Do you think that the court has no better things to do except directing the corporation authorities to dispose of your representation ?”


raji 1

“You made the representation to the Chennai corporation on September 23 and rushed to the court within a week. Why do you want to rush to the court instead of approaching the authorities ” the court asked. When the court was about to dismiss the petition with cost, the counsel for Rajinikanth pleaded the court to permit him to withdraw the petition.

“File a memo for withdrawal before the end of today’s business hours. The court will record your memo and dismiss the plea” the court said. This incident has caused the aspiring politician a major embarrassment with social media trolls. Being the biggest film star of the country with the highest remuneration, Rajinikanth’s early morning walking video would go viral across the country. This feud between himself and Madras high court grabbed huge attention of the social media users. Rajinikanth also faced severe criticism from the twitter users for not voicing out when fuel taxes increased.

Now, on the morning of Thursday, the actor came up with a tweet regretting his mistake. “ராகவேந்திரா மண்டப சொத்து வரி…நாம் மாநகராட்சியில் மேல்முறையீடு செய்திருக்க வேண்டும். தவறைத் தவிர்த்திருக்கலாம். அனுபவமே_பாடம்” {Ragahavendra Property tax, I should have appealed in the corporation and avoided the mistake. Experience is the lesson) Rajinikanth’s tweet read.


Here’s his tweet :

On the work front, Rajinikanth is about to finish shooting for his upcoming film “Annathe”. He is expected to launch his political party very soon. Comment your views in this tweet of Rajinikanth.

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