Superstar Fans Thrashed Kasthuri After Seeing The Official Tweet From Rajinikanth’s PRO !!

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Actress Kasthuri who questioned about the USA visit of Superstar Rajinikanth during the ban on travel, uploaded a tweet on Tuesday, saying that she got clarified about his visit and declared that the “Petta” actor is very much healthy to the fans of him. Unexpectedly, Superstar Rajinikanth’s public relations manager Riaz K Ahmed, replied to the tweet of Kasthuri and said that neither Superstar nor his family members made a call to Kasthuri to clarify about his USA visit.


Reacting to the tweet of Riaz, the former Bigg Boss contestant revealed that the one who called her and clarified about Rajinikanth’s USA visit is Director/Music Director Gangai Amaran. Kasthuri replied to Riaz saying that she never mentioned about Rajinikanth or his family in her tweet. It all started with Kasthuri questioning about Rajinikanth’s USA visit through a series of her social media posts.


On 19th of June, Rajinikanth left for the US for his annual medical check up with his wife Latha and daughter Aishwarya Rajinikanth. He who couldn’t travel last year due to the pandemic situation, reached US successfully. Pictures and videos of himself leaving to US from Chennai airport and walking with his daughter near the well known Mayo Clinic in the US went viral in social media platforms.

On knowing about it, Kasthuri questioned how Rajinikanth managed to flee USA while travel ban is imposed in USA. She also linked the Superstar actor’s decision on his political venture with his USA visit through one of her tweets. Read : Kasthuri Questioned Super Star Rajinikanth’s USA Visit !! However, hours later, she came up with a tweet saying that she got clarified about the issue through a phone call.

“They called me through cell phone and clarified about the details. I am both astounded and thankful. Everything ended up in a good way and my doubts were cleared. A Good news and it is me who is going to reveal it first. Let Tamil nadu be ready to welcome a healthy and newly groomed Thalaivar” Kasthuri said in her tweet.


Quoting this tweet of the actress, Superstar Rajinikanth’s PR Manager Riaz, on Wednesday, said “The truth is, neither Thalaivar, nor anyone from his family contacted her and there was no clarification made” through a tweet and added the most popular “Baba” emoji of Superstar Rajinikanth.

Here’s his tweet :

“Gangai Amaran is the one who called me personally. I didn’t think of cross checking his clarification” Kasthuri replied to the tweet of Riaz.

“No tweet of mine claimed that Mr Rajinikanth’s family spoke to me. What you have quoted only expresses my excitement on learning some details from someone I trusted. Thanks for the clarification anyways. It says a lot that this was the one tweet that was refuted.” she further replied.

Here’s her next tweets :

Before she finished replying to Riaz, trolls started flooding the twitter feed as the matter was directly connected to Super star Rajinikanth who is known for his huge fan base. Many started criticizing Kasthuri who said that her questions about Rajinikanth’s USA visit still stands after Riaz’s reply.

Check out some of the reactions below :


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