Sun Pictures Thrashed Those Trackers Who Reported Fake Box Office Collections !! Check Reactions !!


The Rajinikanth-starrer Petta and the Ajith-starrer Viswasam are the two big-ticket Tamil films that hit the screens last Thursday. The box-office clash between the two superstars has been the talking point for a while now.

Unlike the usual belief that two superstars should not release their films on the same today considering they will eat up each other’s business at the box office by getting the audience divided, here we have Rajinikanth and Ajith proving otherwise. Making the most out of the Pongal festive, Ajith’s Viswasam and Rajinikanth’s Petta is taking over the audeince like there’s no tomorrow.

Since the day of their release there has been so many buzz over which film grossed the highest which has multiple answers. Social media filled with the box office reports of trackers who said that Petta is doing good at the overseas and Viswasam receiving huge response in B & C centres.

Check out some of the box office results that are surfaced in recent days :

In a way of proving them all wrong, Sun pictures posted a tweet bashing all the trackers calling them as “So called trackers”.

The official twitter account of Sun pictures read as “So called trackers, we fail to understand how you are so confidently tweeting ’s BO numbers as we ourselves are yet to receive the official numbers from 600+ theatres in TN. Fans, enjoy Pongal with both your favourite heroes’ movies & don’t fall prey to fake propaganda.”

Check out the reactions this tweet received :

For this tweet of Sun Pictures, popular movie reviewer replied in his twitter account. He asked why should Sun pictures share the tweets of these “so called trackers” during Sarkar times :

And also some trackers responded to the tweet of Sun pictures :

It is really shocking to see Sun Pictures tweet and the response they are receiving?? What do you think on this ?? Comment your views below !!


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