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CM / Updated: 2020-07-04
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Reports on the routine of arrested police officials in Thoothukudi jail regarding the Sathankulam double murder case has emerged. Sub-Inspector Raghu Ganesh got extremely upset when he was asked to remove his clothes by jail authorities. Four police officers linked to Sathankulam lockup murder have been arrested under Section 302 of Indian Penal Code. Sub-inspector Raghu Ganesh was the first one to get arrested regarding the case. The three others which includes sub inspector Bala Krishnan and constables Murugan and Muthuraj. Later, the CB CID included the name of Inspector Sridhar and arrested him near Kovilpatti according to reports.


The brutal murder of innocent father and son duo in Sathankulam town of Thoothukudi has created huge outrage across the nation. It received nationwide attention after people came to know about the torture Fenix and Jayaraj went through inside the station. They owned a Mobile shop in Sathankulam town, Thoothukudi and the only allegation against the victims so far is, that their shop functioned above the permitted lockdown time limit.

Now, all the police officers who are locked up in Peroorani’s jail in Thoothukudi district, seemed upset over the jail circumstance, reports suggests. Among the five arrested police officials, Raghu Ganesh was the first one who went to jail on the day he was produced in court. Before sending him to his cell, jail authorities checked his entire body. As per the procedure, they asked Raghu Ganesh to remove all his clothes to check whether he has any kind of wounds in his body. Raghu Ganesh was visibly upset when he was asked to strip, says reports.



After inspecting his body, jail authorities asked Raghu Ganesh to remove the spiritual rope he was wearing around his hip. Raghu Ganesh didn’t respond to their demand and stood still for a minute. “If not you, one us will remove it for you” said Jail guards to him after which Raghu Ganesh removed his rope. Raghu Ganesh didn’t sleep the whole night of the first day in jail. “He stood there whole night like how Fenix stood in Kovilpatti sub jail due to the pain he suffered. Raghu Ganesh didn’t eat well” said the authorities who belong to jail department.

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Inspector Sridhar, Sub Inspector Bala Krishnan and Constable Murugan were sent to the same jail, the next day. After seeing them, Raghu Ganesh had his sigh of relief and started behaving normal, said reports. On 3rd July, the prisoners of Peroorani jail were served Kanji and Pulithuvayal. Though other police officers couldn’t eat their food well, Inspector Sridhar ate well. For lunch, the prisoners were provided Rice and Sambhar with a vegetable mix as side dish. Inspector Sridhar reportedly asked “Only one kind of vegetable mix is available for side dish?” and ate well.

Inspector Sridhar 1200
Inspector sridhar


Usually, prisoners will be provided daily news papers to read but all the four policemen were prohibited from reading news papers as all the news papers contained several news about the Sathankulam issue. In the district jail, all the four policemen were locked up in a same block which contains 12 rooms. One room could bear 4 members but all the four policemen were separated with each room for one person. Inspector Sridhar highly disappointed due to this restriction.

They could be able to communicate with each other only during bath time and during food intervals. All four of them communicated with each other while bathing and eating on 3rd of June. However, Madurai D.I.G Pazhani has ordered officials to keep an eye on them. Jail authorities are not communicating with these four unnecessarily and no special offers were provided to them. Four of them were locked up in separate rooms added Vikatan report.

Source : Vikatan

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