Student’s Message To Teacher After Passing Board Exam Is Trending!!

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CM / Updated: 2022-07-26
21:56 IST

A message sent by a female student to her tuition teacher after passing her board exam is trending in the online platforms. The message shows the student reminding her teacher about how she used to demoralize her about passing board exams while she was studying 10th standard. As soon as the user named Hasmath Aysha shared the screen shot of her message to the teacher, it is trending in the social media platforms with various kind of reactions from online users.


Hasmath said that two years ago, she and her friend decided to text their teacher after getting the result. In the message, Hasmath was seen confirming whether it is the phone number of Aasha mam and after getting the confirmation, she sends long message schooling her teacher about helping students who are in need of one.

“Hello ma’am, I was one of your student in 10th grade 2019-2020 batch. Sending this message because you told me that I wouldn’t make it, you told me that wouldn’t pass school and do what I wanted, You degraded me in every level possible” the student said through her message.


“Today I have passed my 12th grade with good marks and I have gotten into the university. I always wanted and I’m also doing the course that I intended to do so. This is not a thank you message but to show you that I have made it. Next time, please remember to be kind
towards people, Especially students who seek for your help” she ended.

Adding the screenshot, Hasmath said “Two years ago, me and my friend decided to text our teacher the day our results come out 😀”

Here’s the tweet that is going viral :

The teacher, in reply, said “I still want to take credit for your passing” and the student shared the screenshot of it as well.

Check how internet reacted to the screen shots shared by the student :

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