Student Tagged District Collector & Queried About Leave !! Collector’s Response Became Meme


A twitter user who is highly believed to be a student tagged the official twitter account of Virudhunagar district collector and asked if he has leave for “Karthigai” Deepam occastion and the reply he got from the latter became a trending meme among the users of micro blogging social media users. The collector himself reacted to the meme with a positive note and his twitter handle grabbed a special attention.

Meghanath Reddy, District collector of Virudhunagar

Karthigai Deepam is a traditional festival observed by Hindus in the Southern states of the country. As the festival is very important for Tamils all over the world, people would celebrate it by worshipping God and children would burst crackers as they did on the Diwali festival day. The name of the festival born from the name of the god Kartikeya. In Tamil calendar the name of the particular month is Kārthikai.

However, the auspicious day is not considered as a public holiday by the government which led to a school student creating a fake twitter account to ask his district collector whether he could have leave on the day. Tagging the official twitter account of Virudhunagar district collector Meghanath Reddy, the user asked “sir is there any leave for karthigai in VNR”

On seeing the notification of himself getting tagged, Virudhunagar district collector came up with a reply asking the student to meet him tomorrow with his parents. “Bring your parents and meet me tomorrow !!!” his reply read.

The reply tweet of Meghanath garnered huge attention among the users of Twitter. With hundreds of likes, the reply received 100 plus quoted replies from the online users. “It will be an unexpected reply in his life Sir.,Let’s see if he brought his parents, do not forget to post it too sir! Epic Reply! Very strict officer!” a follower said whereas another one wrote “My nieces & nephews studying in VNR & STR schools – will show them this”

Check out some of the reactions below :

Galatta media came up with a meme reacting to the tweet and collector’s reply and the latter enjoyed it.


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