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Student Killed By His Friends In The Name Of “Birthday Bumps”?? Horrific Video Goes Viral !!

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Student Killed By His Friends In The Name Of “Birthday Bumps”?? Horrific Video Goes Viral !!

The bumps is a birthday ritual at schools in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, usually performed on the school field, playground, or other open space. The birthday child is surrounded by classmates, and after a chorus of Happy Birthday to You, four other children seize the child’s arms and legs.


Then the child is thrown up into the air and back down again as many times as their age in years (although the other children never let go), while the crowd shouts the count as the birthday child reaches the zenith. Often, at the end, the crowd shouts “And one for luck!” and the other children let go and catch again on the last throw.

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The “Birthday bumps” are also common in Ireland, Canada and India, pretty much the same version of the ritual with some creative alterations at times. But would you believe if we say that the alternation went too far as it killed a college studying student ?? Yes, It happened to a IMM student who died 2 months after getting severe beat up as “Birthday bump” from his friends.


the video was shared by famous Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag with the caption “This is so sad. A student who was given birthday bumps passed away. This is an assault and no way to celebrate. Please be responsible and no birthday bumps ,it isn’t funny for anyone.”


Current Indian opening batsman Shikhar Dhawan and leg spinner Pragyan Ojha expressed their sadness after watching this video uploaded by Sehwag.


According to a tweet of Lawyer Shruti Desai, the boy who died had stomach ache after the day of the incident occured. Then it was reported that his pancreas was damaged due to the beat up and he was operated which resulted in death.

The video goes viral in social media and creating huge outrage where many of the parents who witnessed it says that they are scared. Some accused the friends and doubted that it might be intentional :


This is real sad to know such celebration took a life away from a youth. Let us be aware and stay away from that kind of friends who is ready to do anything to us for their happiness.

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