Struggles Faced By Delivery Employees Amidst The COVID 19 Spread !! WATCH

Tamil nadu government has allowed food delivering platforms such as Swiggy, Zomato to function amidst the complete lockdown of COVID 19 virus. People who are advised to stay inside the house to prevent the spread of the infection, preferring food from the online platforms as they find it difficult to buy groceries, vegetables and other essentials during the complete lock down. Now, a video on the delivery personalities who are involved in providing food to public after receiving order in the online food delivery app, narrating the ordeals they are going through has got surfaced.



One of the delivery partners says that it would be fair if people arrange a place near their door to keep the food if they are infected with the virus. “Police officials are requiring E-pass from us whenever they see us. We are forced to stand for 15 minutes to convince them which delays our delivery.” one of the youths who deliver food narrates. “To delivery food from T. nagar to Choolaimedu, why should we apply E-pass ? is this fair ? We are just delivering food” one of them says.

“Most of the customers are not disclosing about their infection. I went to deliver food to a house yesterday. I saw the COVID 19 warning notice in front of the house and said that I will keep the parcel in a stool. For that he said “I will touch your hand if you fail to give the food to me”. I won’t get infected just because he touches my hand. I am meeting so many people per day. Why should he show his arrogance to me ? We could put our lives on the line for the 20 rupees we are earning but not our self respect” a youth said.

watch the video below :

Source : Newsglitz


Many other delivery employees talked about the struggles they are facing while delivering food. He continued saying that a resident demeaned him by comparing him with a dog. “When I went to deliver food at a house, the bill required Rs. 400. When I said that I had no change, a woman from the house said “Antha naai angaye nikkatum, Athungaluku la nikkarthu thaana vela” (Let the dog stand there, that’s his job right ?). I couldn’t do anything as I wanted my job and I need the money”

“After making me stand for 30 minutes, he gave me the money and when I asked him to behave, he said “Neenga edthunu vanthu kudthaa, nanga unga kaal la uzhunumaa ?” (Do we have to fall on your feet just because you are delivering us the food ?). It hurts to hear such words from customer. If we try to do anything to defend us, they will create a controversy saying that we punched in their face” the youth said referring to a recent controversy that took place between a delivery guy and a female customer.


The video garnered several reactions in social media with people supporting the youths who deliver food to meet ends. Journalist Aavudaiappan shared the video in his twitter timeline saying “After curing from COVID 19, they should do duty at a COVID 19 ward in a government hospital. It will help them change”

Check out some of such reactions below :


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