“Stop Exploiting Patients” – Divya Sathyaraj Created Awareness On Expired Medicines

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3 months ago

Divya Sathyaraj, leading nutritionist and daughter of legendary actor Sathyaraj, uploaded a video in her official Instagram handle, creating awareness about medical mafia that could cost lives of many innocent people. She wants people to check the expiry dates of the medicines they are buying from pharmacies and said that money can never be more important than humanity, in a way of calling out pharmacy owners who fail to dispose the expired medicines from their shops.


“A patient of mine had gone to the pharmacy to buy medicines. 3 out of 4 medicines that he bought were medicines that had expired. This has happened multiple times in multiple pharmacies. Using medicines that have expired is dangerous to health” Divya Sathyaraj said through her post.

“I request all of you to please check the expiry date before you buy medicines for you and your family, especially your children. Medical negligence and medical malpractice is a crime. Medicine should be responsible for saving lives and empowering health but it is turning into an ugly monster” her post further read.

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“Pharmacy owners should understand that people are buying medicines with their hard-earned money and with the hope that the medicines they buy will cure them. Please do not take advantage of their innocence to make money” she said and went on to add “Money can never be more important than humanity. I request pharmacies to please have a system to dispose medicines that have expired 🙏” to prevent people from buying such expired medicines.

Check out the video below :


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The post garnered huge reception from the users of online platforms with many calling it as “need of the hour”. Many lauded the nutritionist for spreading such awareness among the public. “What a clear message! ❤️ thank you for this” actress Vinothini commented on Divya’s post whereas many other people stated that “Divya Sathyaraj is the real lady super star” in the comment section of her Insta post.

Follow the official Instagram handle of Divya Sathyaraj here—> https://www.instagram.com/divya_sathyaraj/

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