SP Arjun Saravanan Reacted To The Insensitive Prank Video !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-03-01
21:15 IST

Superintendent of police Arjun Saravanan, in twitter, replied to journalist Niranjan Kumar about a video of an insensitive prank video that showed a number of youths pretending to slap public people in the name of prank. Officer Saravanan confirmed that the prank took place two years ago and the prank program was stopped after the youtube channel’s administrators were advised in an appropriate way. He also assured that the Tamil nadu police will take right action if the channel continues to do the prank for their channel.


For the past couple of days, a video of a number of youths pretending to slap public people who are walking on roads was doing rounds in social media platforms. The youths recorded the video to upload it in their youtube channel in order to earn money. People who went through the “prank” included elderly men and young girls.


Many users of online platforms expressed their displeasure over the youths for pulling off such an insensitive prank on innocent people. Online users demanded legal action against the boys as they disrespected elderly people and also acted as a nuisance to the public. Journalist Niranjan kumar shared the screenshots from the video and tagged Tamil nadu police in his tweet.

“Don’t know what kind of pranks are these ?? They slapping and giving electric shock. Such indecent pranks could be seen every time I visit Facebook” Niranjan said in his tweet.

Further he tagged Arjun Sravanan and personally requested him to take action against the pranksters. “They are not considering whether a person is older or women. Behaving insensitive to everyone. They are performing without considering what kind of mindset a person is going through” his tweet read.

Reacting to the tweet, Arjun Saravanan, Superintendent of Police said that the video was recorded two years ago in Thirunelveli. “As soon as it got released, the program was stopped after the channel owners were advised in an appropriate way. If it continues again, Tamil nadu police will take action” the Police officer said.

Here’s his tweet :

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