South Indian Parents – Things Which Your Parents Say – Chennai Memes Video

Here is a hilarious take on South Indian Parents. Do check out the below link for the full video


South Indian Parents

1.When you choose viscom over engineering 

2.When you forget the towel and go to bathroom and ask your mom to pick it

3.Constant “Nacharichal” 

4.When you ask money for going out with friends 

5.That Anbu Thollai To clean your dirty room

 6.You’re invited with “Chappathi Kattai”,when you come home late night

 7.When you forget to fill the water bottle which is in the fridge

8. When you search your bike key and…

You    – Where is the key ?
 Mom – it is there near the TV
You    – No,it is no there
Mom  – *takes the key which is near TV and gives it to you*
You    – 😮 😮

9.When she asks you switch off the cooker and when you forget to do that ..

10.That  bestie of yours whom she doesn’t like 

11.When you buy her things from the “malligai” stores

12. You never eat until it is given by your mom.

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