Son Smashed Father’s Head For Saying “NO” To Smart Phone !! : SHOCKING !!


A teenage boy allegedly killed his 60-year-old father after he refused to give him money to buy a smartphone on Saturday night in Fatehpur district.

According to the family members, the accused, Anand Kishore Tiwari (19), attacked his father Krishna Kumar with a spade late on Saturday night near their water pump house at their fields in Kulkheda village after he refused to give him money to buy a smartphone, said Vidhyaram, the in charge of local Chandpur police station.

Krishna Kumar, a farmer, has four sons-Brij, Mannu, Anand and Ghanshyam. “He, his wife and three sons live in Ulkheda village while his elder son Brij Kishore, who is married, stays with his family separately in the same village. As per locals and relatives, his son Anand is a spoiled brat who used to frequently ask for money from his father which often led to quarrels between them,” said Vidhyaram further. “The duo quarrelled late on Saturday night at their water pump house because Anand had asked his father to give him money to buy a smartphone.

When his father refused, Anand picked up a spade and smashed his father’s head repeatedly with it,” said the police station in charge.

Hearing Krishna Kumar’s shrieks, the locals rushed to the spot and tried to nab Anand, but he managed to flee, he added.


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