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Social Media Divided After Seeing The Way Akila Narayanan Treated Her Daughter !!

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Social Media Divided After Seeing The Way Akila Narayanan Treated Her Daughter !!

On seeing the way Akila Narayanan treated her daughter inside the BIGG BOSS house, viewers of the show started reacting in various ways. In the most familiar freeze task, Shivani’s mother entered the Bigg Boss house only to condemn her daughter for the way she lived inside the house. Though Shivani requested her mother not to talk that way, Akila continued expressing her frustration over Shivani on air which made the 19 year old to shed tears.


The episode grabbed special attention from the viewers of the cash-rich show and reactions are pouring from all the directions of social media platforms. While a number of people in social media including director C.S Amudhan, Film critic Sudhir Srinivasan disagreed with the mother’s behaviour, many said that what Shivani’s mother did was a right thing. They said that the mother is trying to guide her mother in a right path.


However, few of them questioned why she allowed her daughter to upload pictures in Instagram when she is concerned about the views of the public and relatives. After entering the house, Shivani’s mother who looked emotional, questioned her why she entered the house. “Are you thinking that no one can see what you are doing in this house ?” she asked her daughter. Shivani who got puzzled, asked “What happened Maa?”

Responding to her, the mother asked whether she entered the house to roam behind a man. “Shut your mouth !! I will slap you” her face could be seen turning red. “Why are you keep following his words ? Is this your individuality ? Why are you boasting that you are being yourself ? Is roaming behind him means you are being yourself ?” she questionned by mentioning Balaji Murugadoss.

“Your Father is watching the show the relatives are watching it from our native. What would they think ??” she asks. “Why can’t you give the Christmas gift to any of the girls in this house ? What is that obsession of yours towards Balaji ?” she further questions. “I never saw you playing the game other than roaming behind him” she further said.


Sudhir Srinivaasan, a film critic said that Shivani’s mother could have concerned about her daughter as much as she is concerning about the views of the world whereas director C.S Amudhan said that the content Vijay TV telecasted is a “Toxic Parental Abuse”

Meanwhile, a number of people appreciated the way Akila Narayanan condemned her daughter. They felt that she is the one who knows about the criticisms her daughter is receiving due to her behaviour inside the house.

Bizarrely, many online users questioned why she allowed her daughter to post pictures in Instagram. “Do your relatives felt good while your daughter uploaded glamour pictures in Instagram?” asked a follower of the show along with many others.


It is high time for these fans to realize that clothing has nothing to do with the character of an individual. Comment your views !!

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