Sivaangi’s Reply To A Follower Who Talked About The Struggles Of A Middle Class Goes Viral !!

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CM / Updated: 2022-06-24
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“Cooku with Comali” fame Sivaangi Krishna kumar’s reply to a follower who said that the singer is living a life that has no hardship such as attending interviews and waiting for the result of it. Replying to her, Sivaangi explained about how hard it is to be an artist and about the struggles she is going through to satisfy each and every audience is trending among the fans of the multi faceted.


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Sivaangi became the darling of masses through her stint in the cookery named “Cooku with Comali” show which demands a seasoned cook to collaborate with a comedian to cook a dish to impress the judges. After the success of season 1, the makers have inaugurated the second season with a list of contestants which included Sivaangi and other comedians. Sivaangi who initiated her career as a child singer, has appeared in Sivakarthikeyan’s “Don” as a college studying student. Her relationship with her “CWC” co-contestant Ashwin has a separate fan base as well.


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The 21 year old singer enjoys a huge fan following in online platforms. A sum of online users has been spreading hatred against the emerging artist as well. Recently, a follower dropped a comment on Sivaangi’s one of the posts saying that she doesn’t have to go through the phase where youngsters of middle class are attending an interview and waiting for the invite to join.

“Ungaluku lam oru company la interview attend pannitu velai kedaikuma kedaikadha koopduvangala ilaya nu andha tension iladha life kedachuruku super…in every case middle class family was jammed for every situation…” read the comment of the follower.

Replying to the comment, Sivaangi said that she has her own struggles. She said no job or lifestyle is easy irrespective of being rich, middle class or poor. The upcoming actress said that she is always worried about how people are going to receive her. “Unga situation puridhu, but Engalkum nanga panra ovvuru velayum ungalku pidikuma pidikadha ngra tension irukum. Ungalku pidika pidika velai panna dhan engaluku inga irukave mudiyum. So endha vazhkayum yaaru vazhkayum easy kidayathu irrespective of being rich, middle class or poor, everybody has their own battles” read her reply.

Here’s the screenshot of the users comment and Sivaangi’s reply :


Here’s how her fans reacted :

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