Simbu Fans Trying Hard To Save Mahat From Getting Evicted !! They Pestering Everyone To Vote For Mahat !!


Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss 2 Tamil began with Janani and Vaishnavi coming to terms with the fact that Ramya was evicted on Sunday’s episode. Monday is also the day when the captain is selected in the house. This week, however, Bigg Boss decided to not choose a captain as the housemates failed to follow house rules in the last five weeks. This was proved with a video which showed the housemate which broke the maximum rules.

Mahat was chosen by the housemates as the most indisciplined housemate and was sent to jail by Bigg Boss. He was also directly chosen for nominations this week. In the video that was played, Aishwarya and Yaashika are heard talking in Hindi, which Vaishnavi translated to the other housemates.She also insinuated that Aishwarya spoke about Ponnambalam and that she was being disrespectful. Aishwarya, who heard this confronted, Vaishnavi and told her not to spread rumours.

Just before nomination task for the week took place, Vaishnavi tried to ‘clear’ the air. This also irritated the other housemates who felt that Vaishnavi only tried to create a scene before the nominations. She also continuously announced that she wanted to leave and for every nomination that she received, she thanked her co-contestants.

The factionalism was clearly visible during the nominations period. While ‘Team Ponnambalam’ wanted Yaashika and Aishwarya out of the house, ‘Team Aishwarya, Yaashika’ wanted Ponnambalam and Vaishnavi out. The episode ended as Vaishnavi, Mumtaz, Aishwarya, Yaashika, Ponnambalam and Mahat got nominated for eviction.

Mahat who is a dear friend of Simbu is something we known with his behaviours and activities. Even comedian Soori who came as guest to Bigg Boss said earlier that he is behaving exactly like Simbu. Even we can witness his voice modulation and body language are similar to actor Simbu’s.

Even Mahat himself said that Simbu is an inspiration for him in some interviews. “Simbu and I are childhood friends. In fact, I got into movies because of him. He was the first one to introduce me to the screen. I had a few scenes as his friend in Vallavan” He expressed his gladness to work with Silambarasan  in AAA movie.

Now in a note of proving all these Simbu fans widely seen campaigning for Mahat in twitter to save him from the eviction of Bigg Boss house.

Check out some of them here :

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