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Siddharth’s Fitting Reply To A Woman Who Termed Him As A “School Drop Out” !!



Siddharth’s Fitting Reply To A Woman Who Termed Him As A “School Drop Out” !!

For posting tweets against the arrest of Disha Ravi, a climate activist, a woman named “Karuna Gopal” asked who he is and termed him as a “School drop out”. Responding to her, Siddharth said that she badgered him for months to attend her panel discussion at Indian School of Business 2009 and confirmed that he is not a “school drop out” but a post graduate. When Karuna denied inviting him and sending mails to him, the actor uploaded the screen shot of her mail through which she could be seen requesting him to attend her son’s art exhibition.


Many academics, activists and artists have raised voice against the arrest of Disha Ravi, a 21 year old climate activist from Bengaluru. The Delhi Police have arrested her on the night of Saturday for allegedly editing a Google document shared by International climate activist Greta Thunberg on the protest of farmers. Delhi court has ordered to keep her in police custody for five long days.

In one of his tweets, actor Siddharth, slamming the arrest, said that the process that a group goes through to organise themselves is called a Toolkit and slammed the Delhi Police for arresting Disha. “If you want to go watch a movie with friends, you message all of them which movie, what time and where to assemble before heading there…. This is what may be called a #Toolkit. The ugly version of this is what IT cells do. Stop the bullshit. #ShameOnDelhiPolice” his tweet read.

Sharing the tweet, Karuna Gopal criticized Siddharth by writing “Who is this person ? A school drop out may be ? I see him writing baseless stuff mostly provocative in nature .” in her tweet.


“This lady badgered me for months to attend her panel discussion at ISB in 2009, which I did, along with @JP_LOKSATTA. Back then too I was a Post Graduate and I spoke my mind. She however sold both her integrity and her memory to her master. Now spreads Modi lies and vomit.” Siddharth’s reply tweet read.

In reply, Karuna said that she didn’t invite Siddharth but people from the school did. “Accommodating you is proving to be a big mistake 🙂 should have done my due diligence”

Siddharth didn’t feel like quitting it seems. The actor said that he has been receiving mails and appointment requests from her over the years and asked whether she wants him to share them in public domain.

However, Karuna denied sending the mails and said that they were the mails sent by the office on her name and called Siddharth as a non-professional person. “Hope you will grow up one day to know that ! Get off my TL” she added.

Siddharth replied to this tweet of Karuna by uploading the mail in which we could see her requesting Siddharth to attend her son’s art exhibition. She asked Siddharth to inaugurate the event and to bless her son in the year 2013. “Drops mic” the actor wrote as his caption by adding an emoji with sunglass.


The tweet garnered 8k likes in no time with reactions trolling Karuna Gopal.

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