Siddharth’s Comment On Vairamuthu Creates Debate In Social Media !!

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CM / Updated: 2021-07-29
10:16 IST

Actor Siddharth, during one of the promotional interviews for his upcoming project “Navarasa”, made an indirect statement on lyricist Vairmauthu in front of actress Parvathi with whom he had shared screen space for his episode in the production venture of legendary film maker Mani ratnam. The actor questioned on whether an individual should abandon the art works made by an artist because he is a bad person or not and concluded that it depends on each person’s self-search.


Singer Chinmayi accused experienced lyricist Vairamuthu of sexually harassing her and alleged that many other girls went through the same. Ever since the accusation was made, both Chinmayi and Vairamuthu are being subjected to controversy by public and by the media. With a set of stretching their supportive hand to the singer, others could be seen supporting the lyricist as well. Many suggested Chinmayi to handle the issue legally, despite of the actress narrating the ordeal she went through while trying to take legal actions against him.

People who support/ appreciate Vairamuthu for the works he did in film industry also started facing the heat due to the allegations that were made against him. Now, actor Siddharth who supported Chinmayi when the issue was raised by her, made an important statement asking whether the art works of Vairamuthu should be hated or not. The actor’s choice of words created a debate in the micro blogging social media site as well.



“Take one legendary poet who wrote many poems in his career. His poems inspired young people to grow, helped people to love each other, made couples to give birth to child, celebrated first nights, looked after their parents, understood about the world. If you come to know that the lyricist is a bad person, would you abandon all the works he did throughout his career ?” Siddharth could be seen questioning, having Parvathy along with him in the virtual interview.

“Would you stop valuing his poems ?” he continued. “Could we separate art and the artist. Did we came to a place where we are ready to give up all the creations of an artist after knowing that he is a bad person ? Every individual should search for an answer for this by himself/herself” Siddharth said. Watch the video below :

Though Siddharth didn’t take any stance in the issue, the way he tried to portray the whole issue made people to disagree and many expressed their support as well. Check out some of the reactions Siddharth’s statement received below :


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