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Siddharth Refused Police Protection & The Reason He Stated Won Hearts !!

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Siddharth Refused Police Protection & The Reason He Stated Won Hearts !!

After exposing the BJP members who caused threat to him by making continuous phone calls, actor Siddharth refused Police protection and said that the time of the police officers could be used for something else during this pandemic situation instead of giving him protection. In his another tweet, Siddharth also said that his mother feels afraid and explained how he gave her the courage by reading out the tweets of public. It is notable that a hashtag saying “I Stand With Siddharth” trended nationwide during the evening of Thursday.


“Thank you TN Police for the protection. I am the first person in my entire family’s history to be given the same. However, I would politely like to give up this privilege so the same officers’ time is better used for something else during this pandemic. Thank you again.” Siddharth said in his tweet.

“My mother is afraid. I had no other words to give her courage and reassurance so I read her some of yours from your tweets. Thank you for telling me I’ll be ok. We are very normal people from very simple backgrounds. Your words mean the world. Let’s get back to work and help.” Sidd’s next tweet read.

On Thursday, through a series of tweets, Siddharth accused the members of BJP of making threatening calls to him and his family members for over 24 hours. The actor has said that he has recorded all the mobile number and is going to hand them over to the Police. He also ensured that he will not shut up and asked the miscreants to keep trying by tagging Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. To our shock, the actor said that he has received 500 plus phone calls of abuse, rape and death threats in a span of just 24 hours.


The actor also shared a screen shot in which we could see a Facebook user sharing Siddharth’s phone number and provoking others to harass him till he throws away the sim card. The user named Geetha Vasanth also says that it is easy for her to find Siddharth’s cell phone number if he changes it. Sharing the screen shot, Siddharth said that India might survive COVID and questioned whether we would survive such toxic people. Read : “I Will Not Shut Up, Keep Trying” – Actor Siddharth !!

Check out some of the tweets that were surfaced supporting the actor for raising voice against the BJP government :


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