Siddharth Blocked Gayathri Raguramm In Twitter !! Check What The Actress Has To Say

  • Gayathri Raguramm
  • Siddharth
CM / Updated: 2021-04-26
15:41 IST

Actor Siddharth who is known for appearing in films that were made across the country, has never shied away from expressing his disagreement on the decisions being made by the ruling government. Lately, he has been coming down heavily on the government led by Narendra Modi. The emergence of the second wave of COVID 19 virus made the actor to criticize the government severely through his tweets.


Check out some of the recent tweets he posted against BJP below :


Actress and Dance choreographer Gayathri Raguramm who is currently working for the BJP party, has been countering the statements of Siddharth through her twitter account. She asked Siddharth to create awareness among public to get vaccinated instead of criticizing Prime minister Narendra Modi.

The actress said that the PM of the nation is doing his best by providing mask, PPE kit, vaccination, oxygen and said that it is the responsibility of celebrities like Siddharth to create awareness about it among the public. Check out the series of tweets she posted below :



After realizing that Siddharth has blocked her in Twitter, Gayathri came up with a tweet saying that she is a fan of him since “Boys” and asked him to accept criticism. “lol you blocked me. That’s weak friend. Can’t handle simple criticism and you keep criticising Modi ji throughout. I’m your fan of your acting from boys until now. I like you as my friend. Nothing changes. When you criticise others u should accept criticism.” her tweet read.

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