WATCH : Shruti Haasan Responded To Someone Who Questioned About Her Plastic Surgery!!

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12 months ago

Actress Shruti Haasan, in a recent question and answers session she conducted, answered to a follower who mockingly asked how many parts of the actress’s body has been went through plastic surgery. Referring him as an “A” hole, the “3” actress said that it’s just her “nose” and suggested the follower of her to get a “life”.


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After appearing in couple of her father’s films as child artist, Shruthi Haasan made her Tamil debut as heroine 7 aam arivu and continued to act in film films like 3 with Dhanush and Vedhalam with Ajith Kumar. Her acting stint continued in other languages such as Telugu and Hindi.

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She who is pretty much active in social media platforms, on Sunday, conducted a chat session with her followers. Among the many who questioned actress about her personal and professional life, a follower went on to question about her plastic surgery.


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“How many parts of your body you done plastic surgery” asked the random follower to which Shruthi Haasan replied back saying “It’s actually none of your business, since you are being a bit of an ” a” hole, the answer is “just my nose”, sweet dreams, get a life” in her video.

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She also answered to some of the other questions such as what she see first in her boyfriend Santanu. Showing his art work, Shruti said that it is what she seen in him first. She also said that Bruce Lee is her first crush to a follower who asked about that and to a follower who asked her to tell her lip size, Shruti asked back “How do you measure that”




Earlier, while addressing the comments she faced in her appearance, Shruti Haasan explained how unhealthy it is to judge others. Judging another person is not cool, the actress said in her post. She went on to admit that she had a plastic surgery and says that it is the way she chose to live. The actress suggested her followers to spread love and be chill. “I’m learning everyday to love me for me just a little more because the greatest love story of my life is with myself and I hope yours is too :)” she wrote in her Insta post.

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