Shruti Haasan Replied To Some Of The Weirdest Questions Of Her Followers !! WATCH


Pan Indian actress Shruti Haasan who is known among Tamil audience for paring up with Vijay in “Puli” and with Ajith in “Vedhalam”, conducted a chat session with her Instagram followers on the evening of Thursday and answered to many of their questions. She also chose to respond to some of the weird questions such as whether she would date a teenage guy, when will she get married etc. One of her followers had the courage to ask the actress to show her navel piercing and explain about her likes about i. Interestingly, Shruthi responded to that question too.

Being a daughter of India’s popular iconic celebrity, Shruti Haasan earned herself a name through sheer hard work. She happens to be one of the most active celebrities in social media platforms as well. Having more than 1 crore and seventy lakh plus followers in Instagram and 70 lakh followers in Twitter, Shruti never missed to engage her followers by uploading pictures from her photo shoots and by conducting chat sessions with them frequently.

After appearing in couple of her father’s films as a child artist, Shruthi Haasan made her Tamil debut as heroine 7 aam arivu and continued to act in film films like 3 with Dhanush and Vedhalam with Ajith Kumar. She is also acting in other language films, mainly in Telugu. On Thursday, the 35 year old actress spent some time with her Instagram followers and answered to many of their questions.

To the actress who was replying through videos, one of her followers asked the “Krack” actress to show her tattoos. “This is supposed to be a rose but looks like cabbage, one on my foot, I have one on my back and one behind my ear” Shruti said by showing them to the camera. Here’s the video :

When someone asked the actress whether she would marry a teenage guy, the actress said “No, because it is illegal and most importantly it is weird, the question is weird. bye” by adding a black and white filter to her video reply.

A follower went on to ask the actress to show her navel piercing and explain her “likes” about it and Shruthi, in reply, laughed out loud and said “Bye”

Here’s how Shruthi replied to someone who wanted to know when will she get married :

On the work front, Shruthi Haasan who was last seen in “Laabam” which was directed by late filmmaker SP Jananathan, Shruthi is expected be seen in “Salaar” of Prabhas.


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