SHOCKING: Thieves Rob A Jewellery Shop By Drilling A Hole In The Roof


Robbers always find interesting methodologies to rob. In this case also these thieves have used a different method to loot this Jewellery.

The thieves, hailing from north India, rented an apartment above the Mahalakshmi jewellers, Kolathur, claiming that they are going to open a shop in the locality. The unsuspected house owner did not collect any details about the tenants, says the inspector of Rajamangalam police station.

The sole purpose of the gang to rent a house was nothing but to drill a hole from the rented house, which was above the jewellery shop. On thursday, they drilled the hole from the top when the shop owner went out for lunch. The thieves then jumped into the shop and looted cash amounting to 2 lakhs and 3.5 kg of gold jewellery, 4 kg silver jewellery.

The robbers carried the looted jewels and cash in a garbage bag. According to reports, the men had taken all the jewellery cases from the shop, emptied them into these bags and left around 2.41pm.

Rajamangalam police said that investigation is in process and till now, they have not arrested anyone in the case.

After testing face detection software in CCTV cameras, Chennai police is now using a mobile app called FaceTagr which could scan the faces of suspects and search them in a database of known offenders, reported The Times of India.

Moreover, police have already solved five cases using this app.

Watch the video:


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